Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CVS Purchases on 3.21.2008

I had a lot of CRTs that were expiring on Easter Day (3.23.2008) and I knew that I would simply not have the time to get the things on them any other day, so I went in and got the following (sorry, no pic here--put it away too quickly for my own good!):

1 CVS Toothbrush
1 Tube of Aquafresh Advanced 5.6 oz Toothpaste
1 Bottle of Excedrin Back and Body
1 12 MEGA ROLL pack of Scott Extra Soft Tissue

TOTAL: 16.77

Coupons Used:

1 $5/$15 CVS Printable Coupon (-5.00)
1 CRT for 2.00/1 Aquafresh Advanced, etc Tooth paste (-2.00)
1 Manufacturer Coupon for Aquafresh Advanced (-1.00)
1 CRT for Excedrin (-2.00)
1 Manufacturer Coupon for Excedrin (-2.00)
1 Manufacturer Coupon for Extra Soft Scott Tissue (-1.00)
1 ECB for 2.99 (-2.99)

The total after all of the coupons was .24! I know, I know, I did not get any extra bucks back, but all of that is stuff that we will use and I did not want the coupons to go to waste! Plus, I needed to get out of the house for awhile after the church egg hunt and Easter Bunny 'Basket Meeting' with my mom (you all get my drift)!

So, I saved right at 74%!

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