Friday, March 14, 2008

Food Stockpile

Here are the promised pictures of my food stockpile. In the past few days, I have added a lot to the cupboards, but you can get the drift from these. Happy looking!

Pasta Sauces, that we use for EVERYTHING! I mean EVERYTHING! Breakfast pizzas, pastas, etc... Then there are bottles of oil, fruit snacks, and mayo.

My Hamburger/Tuna Helper boxes, Old El Paso taco kits, pickles, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce and noodles.

HoneyMaid smore crackers, Hungry Jack pancake mixes, Kool-Aid/Country Time drink mixes.

My wonderful collection of grits.

There are syrups that are for my snowcone machine's shaved ice in the summer, Uncle Ben's rices, Deluxe mac-n-cheese and Velveeta shells and cheese.

Juicy Juice and cereals. I could never accumulate enough of these!

The spectacular collection of Kool-Aid! Surprisingly, it was bought because my husband loves it and so do the kids. We go through, on average, at least two packages a day. The packs are normally pretty high when factored into my budget for groceries. But, Ingles put them on sale for 8 packs for $1.00 instead of the normal 4 packs for $1. So, I loaded up as I had some coupons that I needed to double and Ingles limits the amount of coupons that you can double (3 per $10 that you spend).

Some cans of tuna that I got on sale in the 4 packs when Publix had them BOGO. The bread crumbs, which you can NEVER have enough of! Then my cream of ------ soups! I use these all of the time for casseroles and such!

These are my straws that we go through like water! And, then the wonderful (trust me, this is just a small part!) tuna that I have in the cabinets. So far, I have purchased over 180 packages of the pouches and I paid ZERO out of pocket. This is thanks to the coupons doubling and my wonderful state of South Carolina having NO TAX on food!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice pics and nice looking blog. I like how you mentioned what deals you got from what store. I'm sure I'll be back.

Wendy (Wndwmn)