Wednesday, March 12, 2008


For those of you who are interested, I thought that I would post pictures of my stockpile. I know that I always love looking at other people's stockpile photos. Today, I am just doing the whole HBA/Laundry/Bathroom stuff. I will add my other bathroom photos (that's where all of my shampoo and handsoap are) and kitchen cabinets another day. Maybe tomorrow if I have the energy!

My Stockpile of travel sized items that are necessary for maintaining health! I have the front full of packets of DayQuil and Advil. The Tylenol bottles are two deep.

Stockpile of travel size (there is one regular size that I have since moved)deodorants, shampoos, lotions, shaving gel, etc...

There are some toothpastes that are regular sized, but the rest of the stuff is travel sized. There are the small Charmin rolls that I got for free when they were on clearance at CVS for .25 and I had a .25/1 Q. The Kleenex packages came from a HUGE box of them (72 small sized ones per box) that Costco had for 7 bucks or so and then a 3 off of one COSTCO q that I happened to get in the mail!

Shelf above laundry machines... body Washes/Spray On Sunscreens/Off Skintastic!

Shelf above laundry machines... Shampoos and Body Washes and you can see part of the DAWN.

Febreze refill up front, TONS of bar soaps behind that, Huggies baby disposable washcloths, J&J Buddies Soap, CleanTeam Shampoos/Body Washes (running low, aren't I?!)

This is more from my shelf above my laundry machines. I have approx. 10 wipe containers, 7 bottles of small & mighty, 2 containers of Surf powder, 2 BIG containers of ALL.

My Spray & Wash Stockpile. This one is HARD to keep full considering I average at least a bottle a week. My hubby works with ink!

My Clorox (only part of it), Q-Tips, and trash bag stockpile.

Toilet tissue. They are 3 tall and about 10 deep. Only the front ones are the Kids ones.

Baby wipes galore! The green Huggies packages are 2 deep, the white ones are only one deep, but behind those are 4 packages of the PLAYSKOOL wipes. Behind those are 12 boxes of Huggies baby wipes. There are also 12 boxes of Kleenex. Gotta have those on hand to send to school and preschool.

Under the main bathroom sink. 4 packages of Kotex, 2 packages of Tampax, 4 bottles of Vaseline, baby washes and one bottle of detangler that is used daily!

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