Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I went to Walgreens to do the RR deals after speaking to a nice cashier on the phone to make sure that they were working at the store..... FINALLY!

My total of all transactions together was: 93.99 (99.63 after the tax.)

My coupons:

2 of the B2G1 Free HE Manufacturer Q=(6.66)
6 of the $2/1 Olay Body Wash Manufacturer Q=(12)
6 of the $1/1 Zest Body Wash Manufacturer Q=(6)
6 of the $1/1 Old Spice Body Wash Manufacturer Q= (6)
1 of the $4/1 Fusion Razor Manufacturer Q=(4)

THIS MADE MY TOTAL 64.97! Not bad for all of that, but not great.... UNTIL YOU FACTOR IN ALL OF MY RRs!!! I got back 13 $4 RRs. That totals 52.00. I also got back one $5 RR for the razor! TOTAL: 57.00 back in RRs.
Since I used the RRs to buy things that I was going to buy anyway, my total ended up being 7.97 for all of that!! That is right at 80% savings!

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